First trimester of pregnancy: news from week 5


  • You must have missed your period by now.
  • It’s time to take urine pregnancy test.
  • Even a very faint line on UPT is taken as widely positive.
  • You can book an appointment with your obstetrician now to confirm your pregnancy.
  • Symptoms like fatigue, nausea,vomiting, breast tenderness , mild weight gain, heaviness in lower abdomen may have started.
  • Transvaginal sonography will be done by obstetrician to confirm intrauterine pregnancy. This procedure is painless . A probe with lubricant will be inserted into vagina.It is important to do this USG as it shows mother’s anatomy of reproductive organs, rules out ectopic pregnancy or shows any warning signs if they are present.
  • It will help to visualise gestational sac or thickened uterus at this stage.
  • One may start early light exercises to avoid postural pain, joint pain later. Strengthening will help to bear pregnancy till last trimester.
  • Endorphins released during exercise will make you happy.
  • Last but most importantly it will prepare you to some extent for labour.
  • Food rich in DHA and Omega 3 fatty acids will help in development of baby’s fast growing nervous system. It includes cooked salmon fish, Avocado, canola oil.
  • If folic acid supplements has not been started yet then it should be.


  • At this age baby is about the size of a sesame seed.
  • It looks less human and more like a tadpole.
  • Baby’s heart is beating now; though chambers are yet to be formed.
  • kidneys, liver, intestines limbs start to grow. Limb buds are forming.
  • Facial features including retina nostrils are forming.
  • It is the earliest when heartbeat can be heard with USG. If it is not there don’t feel down it may take 1-2 weeks to develop. Fetal pole will also be able to get detected on USG in 1-2 week if not now.
  • Baby’s genetic features including hair colour, eye colour, height ,body type is determined. The blue print is ready.