How to detect early Pregnancy: The Good News

If you have stumbled upon this article, you are kind of suspecting some so called good news.

Just a thought of pregnancy gives a woman whole roll -a-coaster ride of mixed emotions.

So to calm down, the only option is to make sure if you are pregnant or not.

Fortunately, science has advanced so much that you can almost come to conclusion by taking test at home.
So to start with let’s go through general symptoms of pregnancy you can experience.

Of course, you might not experience all of them but having few of them will also lead you to take medical tests for detection. Here are few most common symptoms :


  1. MISSED PERIOD: Menstruation (Periods) stops as uterus starts to prepare itself for baby.
  2. MORNING SICKNESS: It appears soon following missed period and generally lasts till 1st trimester. Though it is named morning sickness, it can happen at any time of the day. Keep yourself hydrated and take small meals frequently. Prefer home cooked food. Avoid packed food.
  3. FREQUENT URINATION: You will experience increased frequency of urination due to pressure of bulky uterus on bladder.
  4. BREAST CHANGES: Discomfort, enlargement, heaviness, pain ,rarely milky discharge can occur in first trimester.
  5. CRAVING: Craving for certain food types and refusal to others can happen. There are no specific food items as such. Differs with person.
  6. FATIGUE: This can be earliest sign. Pregnancy can make you feel tired easily. There is increased tendency to sleep. Giddiness can be there due to changes in blood circulation.
  7. BREATHLESSNESS: Breathlessness may be present due to increased oxygen demand and increased blood flow toward developing foetus.
  8. BULKY UTERUS: Till the end of first trimester uterus may feel bulky as foetus grows to considerable amount. It can make lower abdomen feel heavy, stretchy.
  9. IMPANTATION BLEEDING: Implantation bleeding can occur in early pregnancy. It is scanty bleeding which occurs as the embryo attaches to the vascular wall of uterus. Bleeding occurs like minor spotting. Definitely, if there is more bleeding, it is alarming and should be checked.

These are some changes that one might feel in early pregnancy. To confirm pregnancy, one should undergo medical tests under guidance of a qualified obstetrician.


  1. UPT ( URINE PREGNANCY TEST) : So what is UPT? It is used to detect pregnancy by confirming presence of beta hCG hormone in urine of a pregnant female. This test can be done at home with early morning urine sample as guided on test kit. It will show control line and a test line. Pink Control line is already there if the test line also becomes pink after sometime UPT is positive. Some UPT kits show pregnant word on it if pregnancy is there.

    PREGANEWS, i-can are few of popular UPT test kits which I have personally used and got the proper results whenever I tested for myself. They have shown positive results in very early pregnancy in my case.

2. Blood Test for pregnancy : Blood test can be done to detect gradual increase in beta hCG. The amount of this hormone doubles every 2-3 days.
3. ULTRASOUND/ SONOGRAPHY TO DIAGNOSE PREGNANCY : It is the gold standard to diagnose pregnancy. Early USG (transvaginal/ trans abdominal), after missed period is important to rule out ectopic pregnancy.
Presence of Gestational sac/Heartbeat of baby confirms pregnancy.

With this tools it is extremely easy to diagnose pregnancy and to plan your next innings!!!
Hope this information helps the readers.